Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yardley (Sold)

30" x 40" oil on canvas

This chair was passed down from my mom's side of the family. On the back hangs my mom's favorite needlepoint that her mom, Alice, made for her. My dad re-caned the seat and the small book on top of the pile is a set of scriptures that belonged to his father. The other two books are full of Yardley family genealogy, which is from my mom's side of the family. It is likely that the chair comes from the Yardley family as well.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dorothy's chair

48" x 48" oil on canvas

This is the companion piece to "Benjamin in Blue". This chair belonged to Dorothy, claiming her spot at the dining room table. Then it belonged to her daughter, Alice, before moving to my mom's house. This painting is also in honor of my mom, with one of her wedding presents displayed on the trunk, and the chair that reminds me of the great woman that she is and the great women she came from.

Useful (Sold)

14" x 28" oil on canvas

This sturdy little stool was made by my husband's great grandfather. It used to be a tall stool, but was shortened when we inherited it, all dusty and with only 3 legs intact, from John's parent's garage. It had been painted several times and we never tried to improve it. We thought it had a lot of character just how it was. It is still very useful.

My husband's great-grandfather used to make furniture from anything he could find out in the scrap pile. He also enjoyed carving wooden spoons. He was very talented.