Monday, August 22, 2011

New painting - Home

The top version is most recent (January 2012). I modified it. See if you can tell what I did!

Oil on canvas 26" x 40"
(This was supposed to be July's painting, but it is definitely a 2 month painting due to size and detail.)

I have been doing a series of paintings that I call my "Zion" series.  They stem from a memory that I have of when I was 6 years old and sitting in my Primary class at church.  The teacher asked a question, and as she did, I remember having the answer come to my mind.  Simultaneously, as I was staring at the wall, an image of a tiny dwelling seemed to move towards me.  I said, "Zion!" and the teacher said, "You're right!"  I don't remember the question, but I remember having the answer given to my mind, visually and mentally.  I've thought a lot about that event since, studying to find out what Zion really is.  And the best answer that I can come up with is through the visual gift that I was given as a little child.  Zion is a dwelling that you can carry with you.  Zion is where ever you are, where ever God dwells.

This particular painting has an added meaning.  We are trying to adopt two children.  We want to bring them home, to our family.  You can see them in the background, waiting to come closer.  And we are waiting and hoping for them.