Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chair Memorial

36" x 60", oil on canvas

This was painted as a way to honor my dad on the 6th year after his passing. He loved this chair, which he called a high chair, even though it wasn't made for babies. It was made for younger children who were able to sit on their own, but weren't quite tall enough to reach the table. It came from my dad's family in Ogden. Hanging on the back is his favorite hat, woven from the wool of the sheep, which he wore when he was in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia in the 60's, and afterwards on special occasions. Leaning on the chair is his favorite walking stick. It's also from Ethiopia. My dad got it from a guide that was leading him through the mountains of Ethiopia. The guide used the top end to poke and stir the fire. The stick is gnarled beautiful. My dad said that the guide was reluctant to part with it, but in the end he gave it to my dad. He loved it and cared for it for the rest of his life. It still has a charred end. 

Chair Memorial in progress

In memory of my dad on the fifth anniversary of his passing.